Das Märchen-Tarot (Fairy Tale Tarot) by Lisa Hunt


First impressions:

Wow, why doesn’t Llewellyn make package boxes like this? I have a thing for sturdy boxes, I actually use them. One book, in German. Good thing I don’t read an ounce of German. The only word I know and frequently use is “shizer”.  I picked the word up while backpacking with Germans, strangely I didn’t need an interpreter. I am sooo cultured. Germans are awesome.

Its a shame the cards have boarders. The cards on the back of the box don’t have boarders, so what the hell. My understanding is the English cards don’t have boarders so this is rather disappointing, even if the boarders are minimal. Does anyone actually prefer boarders? Non-boarder lovers are very vocal. The art work is beautiful regardless, but I’ve come to expect that from a Lisa Hunt deck.

Why did I decide to to get the German version? Well it was German or Spanish. The English version is out of print and selling for roughly $300 new or $100 used = f$%# off (excuse my French). Fairy tales are usually German anyway – well the good ones. If it don’t have the Black Forrest it aint a fairy tale. Of course this is very narrow minded and I hand it to Lisa Hunt for including tales from around the globe. I just need to memorise the bitches. So how am I going to do that when I am German challenged? There is an app (isn’t there always?). The Fairy Tale app for iOS gives detailed descriptions of each card, it also does other fancy stuff. Sometimes being an Apple whore has its benefits.

I’m pretty sure I could use this deck as tarot and learn some non-swearing German words along the way (i.e. I read that Marchen means wonder; of course Wiki does balls up from time to time). For some reason I keep thinking Fairy Tale Tarot would be fantastic employed as an oracle. The deck uses Tarot structure, however, fairy tales are imbedded into the human psyche and is deeper than just a standard tarot meaning. For example a single fairy tale, the entire tale, could represent a number of tarot cards. Disney fairy tales always end with 10 of cups and usually have the lovers as the main focal point. Then there are tales like The Little Mermaid; a 10 of cups ending or 10 of swords ending? One fairy tale card, so many story versions. For this reason I think these cards will make great oracle cards.

Two words to sum the deck: Pure Joy. I would say “innocence” but if you know Sleeping Beauty’s traditional ending, think twice.

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