Gods and Titans Oracle by S Demarco & J Manton


Gods and Titans Oracle, or as I call it The Play Girl Deck. The sex in this deck is on fire. Makes for good night time reading. Its unique as the deck focuses entirely on the masculine.

Although I love this deck, 3 things in no particular order shit me;

  • Over a quarter of the deck features Greek gods/titans. It would have been awesome to have a broader diversity, especially when some pantheons are only represented by a sole god. I guess the Classical Greece gods are well known compared with other pantheons. They are recognisable, so in its own way it could be a good thing.
  • Race: If the gods are Greek why do they look Aryan? Ok, I’ll accept Apollo because the mythology describes him as blonde and he is portrayed as being tanned skin. Not trying to be racist, it’s the same when I see a blonde hair, blue-eyed Jesus. The movie Thor really erked me by throwing the token black god. The Norse people were fair; honest I am not making it up. Likewise, Julius Caesar is portrayed by an extremely fair actor in the final season of Spartacus – I didn’t take to it, the actor should have played a Celt or a German.
  • No Odin! Now there was a WTF moment. For someone who works with the Norse Gods in fiction, it’s painful and hasn’t allowed me to bond with the deck completely. The deck feels incomplete. Good news, if you can find it, the American version of Gods and Titans has included Odin. I contacted Blue Angel Publishing and it has been confirmed. As a side note, if you want Apollo in your deck you must buy the sister deck Goddesses and Sirens.

On the positive, the deck was a fun way to be introduced to Gods I knew nothing about from Asia, India, South America. A handful of Celtic gods and Norse gods are also thrown in for fun. Many gods are missing and with luck the creators will bring out a volume two.

The Book
The author provides incantations and rituals to draw on each god. Personally, this doesn’t interest me but might be attractive to others. The rituals are located after the mythological story associated with the god, so it’s easy for non-pagans to disregard. Not all oracle decks are written in such a way and often impossible to escape the religious aspect.

Creative Ideas
The cards could be used for character development. Form a psychological standpoint gods can be considered archetypes. Some gods can be viewed as stock characters, for example Loki can represent a trickster, Apollo could be stereotyped as a good doctor. If two gods were combined what would they be like?


If Set and Ull had a love child…

Setull has deep seeded issues about his childhood and can’t stand his spoiled, pampered brother. Setull fights hard for perfection and his true skill comes from examining miniature details. However, this often blinds him to the bigger picture causing problems in his personal life. Behind brilliant eyes of determination is an iceberg, however all ice can be melted. Setull tends to go to extremes and will stop at nothing to wipe that smug smirk off his brother’s face. They came from a multi-racial home and the cultures regularly clash.

On to the sister deck Goddesses and Sirens Oracle. 

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