The DragonFae the ‘New Revised Edition’ 2012 by Lucy Cavendish


Pretty good considering the Book Depository claimed it was 2008 published thus making it the original version – insert pout here. So what’s the difference? Only about 12 of the 43 cards. Is not that I don’t like the Jimmy Manton’s art – hell to date I have three other decks where he is the sole artist (Gods and Titans, Goddesses and Sirens, and Isis Oracle). As a collector of sorts, I want the scarce first edition before the opportunity is a closed window. I don’t know what cards have been kicked out like a pregnant Catholic school girl, only that the first edition has had raving reviews and considered superior. I hope the borders are smaller on the original…
Not sure the multiple artist deck is my thing. The cards seem thrown together into pot where you know an ingredient is missing but can’t quite detect the missing flavour. Perhaps this is the result of having two dominant artist (Ravynne Phelan and Manton) with two totally different styles. In my mind there are 5 different art styles and 1 odd card out, Queen Oonagh. Of course every artist has their own “signature” but this deck arguably has too many styles and lacks continuity. Indeed some of the cards by different artists do unite. To compare to the writing world, the blending of the deck should be like ghost writers; how many different writers worked on Sweet Valley High or The Babysitter’s Club? Television shows also have a uniformed production and a show usually has a number of different writers and directors on the team assigned to random episodes.

The accompanied guide book takes the reader on a fantastical journey. Believers can believe and the secular can engage without being preached at. I mention this because many oracle decks are pagan/Wiccan orientated. Each card has a page of the author’s creative writing assigned to it.

Creative Writing
In terms of creative writing, I imagine these cards will aid in character development. Its highly doubtful that these cards will spark a plot line or narration for a story. To be fair, in my card and creative writing journey, its a remarkable oracle deck that sparks plot for me, but thats what I have tarot for.

Creative Writing Exercise: Morgan le Fey v’s Morgan le Fae – Creating a complex character
Two different oracle decks (Goddesses & Sirens and Oracle of the DragonFae): one character, one artist. How are the character interruptions similar and different? A story can be told from a number of angles. Morgan, a sly conniving self serving bitch or heiress with great power and the good of Camelot in her heart? Or perhaps she has another face all together.
Yes, Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of Avalon is my all time favourite novel. I love this le Fey version of her, its possibly my favourite card in the deck (a point to the version two deck). Perhaps the le Fae version is her shadow self… What sort of character would Morgan be if the two Morgans were combined? One complicated character. The best characters usually are.

Creative Writing Exercise 2:
Write your own stream of consciousness for a drawn card. How does your piece differ from Lucy Cavendish’s creative voice for the card?

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