Whispers of Love Oracle by Angela Hartfield


Whispers of Love
The deck that nearly got away…
Sorry but the title is LAME. Boredom and an accidental hit of the link on the Blue Angel Publishing website is how I discovered this gem. Quickly I got over the title and the meh cover image. It doesn’t market the deck like it should. Truth is the art work by Josephine Wall is stunning with lots of detail and different symbolic elements.


  • Card 20: This card is the only image I’m not fussed on. Its the same imagine on the box, book and back of ALL cards. Yet the imagine is recycled for card 20. LAZY. Who makes these decisions?
  • The title: seriously Whispers of Love is so… so… sappy. As a sarcastic bitch it makes me pull disgusted faces. Each to their own. I’m seriously too embarrassed to let people know I have this deck. My reputation needs up keeping.
  • Card descriptions: Too much writing on the cards, however if one were to use these as journalling prompts or psychological draws then they might be useful and eliminates the need to run to the book. It’s questionable if the meanings match the cards.
  • No negative cards… If only life was so. Keep in mind from a writing point of view story is conflict. I guess everything has a shadow side if one looks hard enough.


  • There are exactly 50 cards in this deck. More than most Blue Angel decks.
  • 98% of the art is AMAZING (just that one card, one card… its decent though, just bland in comparison and seems “thrown in”).
  • The pictures with pictures. The blending of objects. Many symbols in each imagine and different elements to draw on. Excellent for creative writing as each cards can tell a “whole story” rather than a scene. This makes the deck AWESOME and over powers my nitpick dislikes.
  • Matte finish: a welcomed change from standard gloss finish.

Very small. Each card has a page, image and three sentences. The word “useless” comes to mind. In all fairness I rather a skimpy book and have more cards. The cards are so detailed a book isn’t necessary. For my purposes I’ll be relying on my creativity. The deck is also cheaper than other popular Blue Angel decks. Very mainstream accessible.

Creative Ideas
Shuffle and draw a card. Write a short story or poem.

When I did this exercise the card reminded me of an unexplored character in my saga based on Germanic mythology. A work in process, I find these sort of exercises help with plot and character development. Such writing samples may or may not find itself in the final draft of the book. 

Safe. The wondrous land of the fae. Her father’s kingdom offered her the sanctuary alien to earth. No illness, no murder and mayhem. Blood and graves replaced with bright parrots and talking squirrels. Butterflies danced in the eternal bloom; the land virgin to winter. Tanja had been chasing rainbows on her white pony before she read the elfin runes. An unimagined contrast to the life she was born into. Wyrd was unpredictable at times. Her veins should have been sliced by the valkyries; an act vengeance. An act abhorrent to Elves. She assumed her father saved her with his blazing sword, forged by Dwarves back when they weren’t a race of little hostile demons. There was nothing Freyr wouldn’t do for his little kin.
Unfortunately, little girls can only be content in blissful bubbles for so long. She had too much of her mother in her, she craved adventure and the stimuli from the other eight worlds. As much as she was daddy’s little girl, there was a longing for her mother. Resentment boiled watching children with their mothers. Resentment wasn’t even an emotion a typical elf could comprehend, except for may be the empathic. One day she swore. One day.

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