Flash Fiction: God v’s West Oz

Here’s a story I debated on sharing. It’s humour is based on West Australian style humour, which many won’t appreciate. It’s just a little bit of jest and absolutely no offence is intended. Locals have been suffering a heat wave, so I wrote my own seasonal mythological flash fiction in response.

Prompt: Write about the hot weather

God v’s West Oz
Scorching heats, blistering skin, eternal thirst – this was a better punishment than god throwing down a plague. The people of Perth must be punished, they voted in the Liberals for Christ’s sake. It made god feel better as he watched locals swelter and slowly decline into madness. The tossing and turning at night, general lethargic state during the day – haha you bastards. Overall crankiness wasn’t enough to appease god as he watched Perth goers frolic on the beach. Sharks were one of his creatures. Take that Perth. God was taken by his heatwave onslaught he didn’t notice his wife, Mother Nature leering at him. She pushed god to the side.
“Enough, you have tormented these people for months now.”
“But dear -”
“Don’t dear me.”
God knew better than to fight with his wife when she was fertile, instead he looked to the North and rubbed his chin, “So Hollywood, you didn’t give Hugh Jackman an Oscar”.

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