Flash Fiction: The Mad Hatter’s Teacup

Writing update:
Slight hiatus this month. Nothing kills that creative spark quite like drama. For my Norse Saga, I have finally had a break through with casting runes, which I am extremely excited about as it will add depth to my story. Runes played quite a substantial role in the Norse world.

Lately, I find myself at crossroads with flash fiction. On one hand I have an abundance of “crap” I can post on my blog, on the other hand what I do post up is then considered “published” and I can’t use the “crap” for much else (a lot of competitions/publications only accept non-published works). For fun and a challenge, I should be looking at competitions and trying to tighten my flash fiction/crap. How do you know if something is competition worthy? Can I be bothered? – That’s the spirit :).

At any rate, enjoy my warped Alice in Wonderland flash fiction.

Inspired Prompt:
Write a story about a coffee cup (it’s seen and heard things). What would the cup say to you?

The Mad Hatter’s Teacup

Toot toot. I am one of the Mad Hatter’s tea cups. He sniffs me with orgasmic pleasure. His whiskers tickles as his lips violate my rim and his tongue my fillings. The only thing worse is the March Hare, he leaves hair that sticks and crystallises to my lining. Daily I am scorched and scratched with metal. Every hour I yearn for fresh water. A little girl caresses my outside tenderly. Nervous tension vibrates through her fingers. If only she knew the Mad Hatter has mirrors under the table – he isn’t just mad for hats. The Door Mouse isn’t much better, he likes deep dark places. I should know, he sleeps in me and leaves behind droppings. Hey little girl don’t go, take me with you… Damn, I am in the wrong fairytale, Chip doesn’t know how good he has it.

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