Flash Fiction: Bleeping Mondays

Writing has been on the shelf lately. Buying new furniture is never just about buying furniture. There is the cleaning and junk to sort. Oh the agonising decision where to put shite… At any rate my writing group yesterday prompted me to write this little gem.


Write in the 3rd person from a woman’s point of view. A woman is driving a car to work, what is she thinking what is she doing.

Disclaimer: Yes there is swearing, what do you expect? It’s MONDAY!

Bleeping Mondays

pt 1

Fucking Mondays. They wrote a song about that. Completely understandable, Mondays suck.
A lunatic in Lycra approached. Road kill waiting to happen. Get the fucking hell off the road. The asphalt was made for cars. The lunatic swerved to the middle of the road. Breaks slammed. “Jesus Christ”.
The bicycle rider oblivious. Knuckles redden gripping the steering wheel. It was going to be a long week. The car was boxed in by moving traffic on the right. and the Lycra dickhead backing up the left lane. Cars honked. The man behind flipping. She was going to be late for work. Normally this didn’t bother the woman, however, Mondays meant work load three fold.
What was a woman to do? Without thought, the gear changed. The vehicle bumped over the curb with ease, the power of the peddle. Sand sprayed over the Lycra wanker, his steroid legs pumping away. A satisfying revenge. The four-wheel-drive returned as the master of the road and speed off.

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