Flash Fiction: Bleeping Mondays 2

Ok, pt 2 probably isn’t quite as entertaining as the story written from the female point-of-view in pt 1 (see previous post).

Bleeping Mondays 2

The sleek Lycra was tight, crushing his jewels. As he rode his bicycle, not just any old bicycle but a H600, he considered stopping to pull the wedgy away from his cheeks. It was probably the only pet peeve he had about cycling other than drivers. He paid his taxes and had a right to the road, he was kind to the environment. Cars squealed passed, narrowly missing him. Did they have to drive so close? The front wheel collided against a pebble, creating a balancing act. Shit, his heart thumped. Inspecting the road, more pebbles ahead. The cyclist moved towards the centre of the road. A car nearly clipped him as the car drove on the verge, fucking maniac. Good thing he had had his action camera on record to capture the number plate. Bastards! The law was on his side and it was about time cyclist expressed their authority. Technology was a gift.

4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Bleeping Mondays 2

  1. LMAO, I loved this now I was always under the impression that lycra was like a second skin 🙂 My 90’s bike pants wearing days are sadly over. I used to have Beverly Hills 90210 ones…seriously…and a shirt to match..

    1. oracleopus says:

      Don’t laugh I still have “that shirt to match” some where with my childhood stuff lol.

  2. Peter says:

    Lycra was never in my vocabulary but recycling was. It featured a return home after work on an ancient second hand machine sans brakes.

  3. Peter says:

    Kinda strange – my comment timed at 8:31 pm but it’s actually 0430 am. Different worlds perhaps.

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