Flash Fiction: Girl Disrupted

Ok, so I finally attended a writing meeting and created a little something (as opposed to our topic or off topic chit-chat). Starting to feel like I miss writing. My obsession over interests seem to operate in cycles and the past month or so I have been in bliss making things pretty and colourful. Perhaps the writing bug will hit in time for Nano, but seriously don’t count on it.


Create a story using these 5 words;
disrupted, charisma, inner, genuine, modesty

Girl Disrupted

Charisma’s brain was disrupted. The old days of modesty flew out the door, along with respect, as misguided as it may be. Her inner circle was now made up of bogans. They may be lower class but they were genuine. Her choices lead to her family to believe she was mentally ill. It wasn’t the sexual activity, just that if you were going to put out make sure he is rich and can be manipulated into buying you shiny things. But no, she ran off with a filthy dyke. A rebel with a cause and now she had Charisma. In turn Charisma had freedom. Her old stilettos staking up tomato vines and silk stockings used to house bricks, every fighter needs a weapon of choice.

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