Flash Fiction: Bricks

Here’s a departure from my usual some what amusing flash fiction. It’s more in line with a lot of my short stories (just to prove I can be versatile). Typically flash fiction brings out my inner smart arse, hope you enjoy this rare creation (if not, I’ll go back to being a smart arse next week).

Prompt / Inspiration


StoryWorld Cards: The Magical Toy Box by John & Caitlyn Mathews
Tarot Illuminati by E Dunn

Building Bricks + KC, QW, 3P, TEMPERANCE, 8W, 6S

Pulled a StoryWorld card to set a theme, then pulled tarot cards until a story took shape.


The bricks that held their family came tumbling down. In the mist of rubble the man sulked. How could that bitch leave him in the dead of the night. Steal the children, poison their little minds. The mole would pay dearly. She was free to leave, but the kids were his. No restraining order would change that. His bank account emptied and car gone, he had zilch. Mocking him, his wife’s beloved cat smooched around his feet. The creature had won many titles for his mommy; a prized possession. Yes, yes the bitch would pay.

2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Bricks

  1. Oh my !! I’m not sure I want to know what happens to the cat, does he send one of it’s paw’s to her ? 😛

    I’ve never seen the Storyworld cards before but it sounds like they would be good for writing prompts.

    1. oracleopus says:

      StoryWorld cards are amazing. Even my warped mind can translate innocent kiddy cards into something R rated :).


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