Flash Fiction: Leather



Tarot of the Vampyre by Ian Daniels.


Lay out 6 cards from your deck(s) of choice and see where the story takes you. You may decide to disregard some cards or use only a symbol/element. Be creative.


It wasn’t his fault, nothing ever was, Mummy said so. If other people weren’t so annoying he wouldn’t need to bitch slap them senseless. So what if he had a hammer in his hand? Other people should keep their months shut. He was a nice man, really he was. Just don’t make judgement on his long hair or his name, Bruce. Parents can be so cruel. Those leather pants looked Rock-starish and he pulled them off better than Jim Morrison. He could write better poetry too. The producer disagreed, and look where he is now, a hammer to the skull. If those police didn’t let him out soon he was going to real pissed. He walked around the cell, a panther stalking, working the leather. Wrapped up tightly in himself, contemplating how unfair life was, Bruce didn’t notice the burly man in the corner watching him like a person on the Atkins diet in a bakery. In his mind, he decided, he would wait for a female cop to be on duty. He could turn even the most butch of lesbos. Lost in thought, he didn’t sense his personal space being invaded until he was cornered.
        ”Bend over,” said the large man breathing heavily.
        Bruce felt his pants pop; he was right, he was irresistible in leather.         

3 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Leather

  1. Lisa says:

    Yikes! You got that from the six cards? The inner workings of your writer’s mind leave me speechless. 🙂

  2. oracleopus says:

    You’re not the first person to comment on my “inner workings” lol. I shared this flash with one of my writing groups and had a similar reaction. Just wait for the next one, it gets better :P.

  3. From a crime of fashion to a crime of passion, nicely done !! I’m guessing vampires would bring out the leather pants in someone 😛

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