Flash Fiction: Enslaved

After taking some time off from writing I am back. Over the festive season I decided to do something I have never done before and cease writing. In theory this should limit the procrastination during the year.

Write a fiction story inspire by a news article.


She had a name once. She had a family once. She had happy times once. Before. Now she was a blank. Captured as she watched her father and brothers beheaded, refusing to submit. Her sister brutally raped on the kitchen table and passed around like bread. Her fate was to be the same except the leader looked into her green eyes and declared she would fetch a high price as a virgin. This was the moment she was torn away from her sister, her last anchor to sanity. Afraid and on her own, her mind turned numb. The cow was sold, her master a vile and depraved jihadist, enslaved by his religion. So this is what their God drives to do? Blood stain the land and command. “Don’t tell my wife or I’ll kill you” he threatened with every penetration. In the quiet of the night she looked out at the stars and remembered what she had stolen. Her father’s voice whispered in the breeze. Nothing mattered. Robotically, she grabbed her master’s weapon of choice and steel met his throat. His eyes, shocked with the realisation that he won’t be reaching God’s heaven, a woman killed him. Every jihadist has to sleep sometime.
There is some present tense, that was done deliberately.

2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Enslaved

  1. Wow, brutal and unfortunately that is the sad reality of some peoples lives which most people reading a newspaper would skip right past. I really like the fact that you are never afraid to go to the dark side 🙂 Hmm, might have to start calling you Lord Vadar.

    1. oracleopus says:

      Haha Lord Vadar. Jihadist I am your father. Jest aside, I found it hard not to insert my humour into the story, I really wanted a penis slaughter , however, this story was my attempt to give victims a voice. Nasty story to write.

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