Flash Fiction: Break

It’s been a while. The novel has been calling. It feels counter productive to stop the flow to work on flash fiction. In truth I have tried that before and ended up writing flash fiction on my novel. Not obsessive at all. Speaking of obsessive, many times I have heard a “real” writer writes every day. Well this “pretend” writer has tried that and failed every single time. Recently, I read a nifty little article about spending 15 minutes a day on writing, even if it’s just to stare at your computer screen. Unless I have had a huge day (re been drinking) this method works a charm. Very little pressure and nine times out of ten I end up working for hours. If I am stuck it makes me think outside of the box because doing something for 15 minutes is better than nothing.


The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards

WARNING THIS STORY CONTAINS LANGUAGE (then again, what do people expect?)


She needed a holiday. Why was it so bloody hard to get a break? Shit. Even Santa sat on his fat arse and sucked on candy canes from time to time. It’s not that the fairy didn’t like helping people, she did, but she was burnt out and like a human woman with PMS – watch out. Her guardian, The Horse, spoke to the elders.
“She’s starting to scare small children with the evil eye and turns into a banshee whenever she sees men. And look, look at my hair!”
The poor horse had his mane put through a blender. Reluctantly, the elders granted the fairy a holiday. The other disgruntled hard working fairies swore like sailors as she left the meeting circle.
So the fairy left for her vacation; a lovely watering hole should do the trick. A time to rest, a time to relax. The fairy sighed as she leaned back and dangled her legs in water. Mermaids swum at her feet.
“Kind fairy, can you -”
“Fuck off.”

5 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Break

  1. Tastyniblets says:

    Who would have thought ‘the wisdom of avalon’ could inspire something so funny..If the novel involves the fairy, let me know once you’re done 🙂 ps I’m trying the writing everyday thing too, and am finding writing flash fiction a much more enjoyable way to spend that time- hence the trawling through flash fiction tags for prompts rather than writing the book!

    1. oracleopus says:

      Sorry this particular novel has no fairies but can I interest you in a island full of shamans, ghosts and the odd nature spirit 😛 ?

      Flash fiction is instant gratification, unfortunately a few of my novel ideas nag at me.

      1. Tastyniblets says:

        Sounds great! looking forward to it 🙂

  2. Is this a case of life imitating art for you ? 😛 I know that fairy sounds like me, especially the end that’s how I generally reply to people 🙂

    1. oracleopus says:

      Shhh lol.
      At ties I look at my stories and wonder if I have pent up anger… Yet so many can relate and if they don’t as the fairy said….

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