A Condom Full of Chicken Bones

A Condom Full of Chicken Bones


“What the hell are you wearing?”

Megan twirled around and bowed with a broad smile on her face. “Don’t I look bad arse?”

Nicole screwed up her pointy nose. A condom full of chicken bones came to mind. Why couldn’t Megan wear a bikini like normal skinny women?

“Leave her alone, she just doesn’t want to burn,” said Jenna referencing Megan’s pale and freckled skin.

“Yes, but the anti-rape kit will make her a leper. She’ll be bullied on Facebook and become marked.”

Megan scratched the fabric away from her neck and squirmed. Her two besties at polar ends again. The wetsuit made her claustrophobic. Nicole’s point rang home; did she want to risk being the laughing stock? The school’s resident mean bitch was a “journalist” – if a tabloid writer could make such claims. Megan stripped. Perhaps nude would be best.


Write a story with the followng;
“What the hell are you wearing?”
Add a character based on someone you know
Add a character who is claustrophobia
Add a character who is a journalist

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