The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse


Ah the trusty farmhouse. No sanity here. Ugly white walls designed for climbing. Down the hall a toy store. Filled with pretty coloured pills; the entrance into paradise. Leather straps hang on the wall and head restraints sit on the shelf waiting to muzzle. There’s no sound, the deaf echo frightening. A chemical tongue gorging. Lights going out welcoming. The mind creates a paint pallet, a gift from the white rabbit.

Shitting out rainbow eggs, the rabbit rolls them with his paw.
“Pick up the phone and leave this place.” The rabbit hops along turning the white into colour as he moves.

A bedroom forms around the rabbit. No white linen, instead bright tie-died rugs illuminates the space. A rocking chair sways by the window next to a bookcase jammed with volumes. She came home.


Create a story using the following;
• In a farmhouse
• A toy store
• “There’s no sound”
• A character who receives a gift
• “Pick up the phone and leave this place.”
• In a bedroom

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