The Gem

The Gem


How could he not see? His blindness driving him to act impulsively on a whim. Hail poured down on the best of them. The rune a warning to them all. She stole the jewel, moved by jealousy. Used her sex to gain trust and access. Now the gem gone so too their unearthly power. The bitch’s deep rooted baggage would see them all killed. Without the stone’s energy the family destined to convert back to being mare moral exposing their bellies to the enemy.

“I got fired.” Nickel held his injuries arm out. It would blister in a couple of days.

“We have bigger problems.” Astrid pulled her hair. “We need that gem back. How did this happen?”

“Nox had one of his claustrophobic attacks and the bitch took the opening.”

“Where is she now?”

“Nuno, but I’ll check the crystal locked away at the radio station.”

Astrid could only wait. The fates gambling at their expense.



Create a story using the following;

  • Include the words; blindness, hail & whim
  • She stole the jewel moved by jealousy.
  • Baggage
  • “I got fired”
  • Character who is claustrophobic
  • In a radio station
  • I could only wait


The story is unrelated but set in my current novel’s story world. 

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