The Boogieman

The Boogieman


She laid her head on the feather pillow. Muscles relaxing in toe. Covers scrunched under her chin, protecting her body from the boogie man. He waited in the dark as if he found an old toy. Her innocent years tormented by the villain. Forever watching from afar. Plotting and stirring. Lingerie stuck to her back as sweat trickled. Her pounding heart deafening out heavy breathing.

“Give me back the bag.”

The voice echoed from the closet. Knuckles cracked. Pretend to be asleep. Her body a ridged board. The castle not big enough for the two of them. The frosty air evident. Clandestine between them. The entity stripped comfortable like sitting around a fireplace.

“Give me back my bag.”

“Fuck off with your bag, I’m trying to sleep baby brother.”


• A character who falls asleep
• He found an old toy
• Lingerie
• Give me back the bag
• In a castle
• Clandestine
• He sat by the fireplace

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