The Last Train

The Last Train

The train station howled with the wind. The last train stopped the better part of a century earlier. A prisoner of time. Layers of graffiti hid the white brink. The edging of the platform crumbling. A stone bridge shadowed the tracks, leading back to civilisation. Only the daring visited the ruins.

A figure walked into no man’s land. Her hands clipped her scarf at her throat, hiding her amulet from the world. “What are you laughing at?”

The spirits hissed in the wind. She rolled her eyes. Did the dead have nothing better to do?

“We don’t like the colour green.”

“No shit, it’s the colour of life.”

Even spooks were in on political correctness. The bodily challenged have rights you know.


Write a story with the following;

  • Takes place in a train station
  • Prisoner
  • A bridge
  • Add a character who wears an amulet
  • “What are you laughing at?”
  • “I don’t like the colour green.”

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