The problem with being a hatchling is the many siblings. All fight for a pecking order; my dick is bigger than yours. The weak perish and the strong are adopted into palaces. Every dynasty needs a pet dragon or few. Hatchlings left behind, damned. At least they lived with freedom. Although they could come and go as they pleased, how free is hunting for survival and being hunted? The royal hatchlings ate their food on a platter and their poaching a criminal offence against the realm. Fate is a fickle mistress. Emerald was taken to be raised with a prince and his twin made a home on the edge of a cliff. Same DNA, Same dick. Ironically they were both afraid of the dark. Their origins screwed them both.



  • Add a character who has many siblings
  • A palace
  • Damn
  • On a cliff
  • Add a character who is afraid of the dark

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