Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

“Sorry he’s not here right now.”

Since when did she become his keeper? It should be a paying job. Jessica said goodbye and closed the door.

“You can come out now, your mother gone.”

David stepped out from behind the wall. “Thank Christ. She’d bail me up all bloody day.”

“You’ll have to deal with her eventually.”

“Yeah eventually. I have an appointment. Can you make sure I’m left alone for the arvo?”

“Yeah sure I’m going to enter my telephone box and put on my Superman costume,” said Jessica rolling her eyes.

She had to choose between staying at the office and working late or going home and putting her feet up. A cold wine waited in her fridge.

“You’re the best. Don’t forget the mail.”

David gave her a hug and left. Jessica sighed no rest for Superman, she had a mother to battle. Somehow she turned into Wonder Woman and could do every fucking thing.


Write a story with the following;

  • “Sorry he’s not here right now”
  • A character who is hidden.
  • A character who wants to leave as soon as possible.
  • I entered the telephone box and
  • She had to chose
  • He gave her a hug

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