The shadows of the cathedral set off a creepy atmosphere. The hymns of monks didn’t help, their voices droning like stepping on a cat’s tail. Flames from candles danced on the altar, but didn’t compare to the table top dances from the night before. Randy pushed the naked women out of his mind, afraid to admit his sin. One in particular, burnt his groan, her boobs from when he gave her a hug imprinted on his chest. Her nipples leaving an invisible tattoo as she rocked his boat. His feeling beyond sex and having to pay her. The charitable thing to do. She screamed in pleasure and got paid. What more could she want? A spaceship? He could book one out for her if it meant more sex, the year was 3030 after all. Although he already took her to the stars when she orgasmed. Currently, he locked her away in his lair where she waited for him. He should just skip the cathedral and the judgement. His member in his pants restless, it wanted to play. Looking around for eyes, discreetly he rearranged himself form his tight pants. Not ideal but it relieved some tension. Many attendees fidgeted with their crotches. They weren’t in a position to judge, in the year 3030 everyone owned a robot or two.



  • Takes place in a cathedral
  • He’s afraid to admit…
  • He gave her a hug
  • In a boat
  • In a spaceship
  • In a lair
  • Add the word “restless”
  • Ideal

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