“I couldn’t help it, shit just happens, you believe me don’t you?”

When he woke up, Jared found his mattress stained with sweat and his shirt ripped to shreds. Blood caked on his skin.

Dan gave him an ‘ah huh’ look.

“I swear it’s true,” said Jarred shaking.

Dan wanted to tell Jarred that he needed to get his meds adjusted. Self-harming a real issue, but, he couldn’t be told. Dan wouldn’t risk a violent outburst like last time.

“He has died and I am next.”

Insane. Ryan and his practical jokes… Cruel to tease the mentally disturbed. It should be more than a moral offence but a criminal one also.

Swaying on his feet, Jarred sat down on his bed. The loss of blood affecting his brain.

“I need to call you an ambulance,” said Dan taking his mobile phone out of his pocket.

Jared became irritable and freaked. “No hospital, they’ll lock me away again, I’m next.”

Paranoid delusions often lead to an aggressive outburst. The psychiatrist warned Dan when they took his brother home, “Try to not aggravate him.” Between a wall and insanity, Dan ran out of options, his brother needed more help then he can give. He dialled 000.

Fifteen minutes passed. The ambulance came and took Jared away. His screaming echoed through the neighbours’ houses.

“Don’t do this, I’m dead. Dead.”

As the paramedics drove Jared away, Dan called Ryan. His sister answered the phone.

“Is Ryan there?”

The sister sniffed.

“No, he died last night.”

Dan dropped his phone and ran after the ambulance. The vehicle speed off down the street. Dan took prescription pills out of his pocket and popped the blister pack. His mind snapped.



  • “I couldn’t help it.”
  • When he woke up
  • Swear
  • “He has died.”
  • A character who feels dizzy
  • He became aggressive

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