“I couldn’t help it, what did they expect me to do?”

People were arseholes, no doubt about that. Billy shifted weight between her feet and clenched her mobile phone.

“I’m not afraid. Let them arrest me or send a hit man. They have to catch me first.”

The poor animals in the laboratory deserved better. The pain and suffering cancer in her conscious. “If you’re not happy about something, then do something about,” her mother would tell her with a dismissive flick of her wrist during Billy’s informative years. She followed Mumma’s advice. Her head divided, should she give her friend the gory details? She locked her boss in the closet. His normally large frame curled in a foetal position grabbing his face screaming “my eyes, my eyes.” According to experiment records he’ll be blind by morning.

“Give me the book, with the records. I’ll blow the lid on the operation. I just need evidence before I go public.”

The advantage of having a writer as a best friend, they were always looking for the next huge story.

“Can do one better, I have the animals in the car. I’ll swing by and drop them off.”

Billy cut their call before her friend could protest. The animals needed TLC and she had to split town. For some reason, society at large made it ok to torture animals, just a slap on the wrist, but a human, an educated man with money and prestigious status – forget it. He made a serious error hiring her; she was not a robot like the others. Saving furry friends, her superpower. Many more laboratories on her hit list.



  • “I couldn’t help it.”
  • “I’m not afraid.”
  • In a laboratory
  • Add a character who finds something in the closet
  • “Give me the book.”
  • She was not a robot like the others

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