He heard the conversation and shook his head, lies, all lies. How dare they lure him into the pub under fake pretences. With the assumption they were friends.

A hand waved in his face, “Sorry, he’s not here right now.”

Anne’s voice alerted him back to reality. A cocktail of beer and denial created a gateway for his mind to space. Sanity clinging onto a cliff’s ledge. How could they make such wild accusations? A crow swooped down and stole a chip from a nearby table. An omen for what was yet to come.

“Sore loser,” said his bother slapping him on the back, “now cough up, your footy team lost.”

Watching the black bird he wanted to cry, his team were pegged to win. He betted his next pay on it, and that paled in comparison to the bet he made in advance on the grand final. Mocking him, the crow barked and flew off.



  • He heard the conversation and…
  • Add a scene that takes place in a pub
  • “Sorry, he’s not here right now.”
  • On a cliff
  • Omen

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