It’s her!

Shivers ran down Nick’s spine. His muscles paralysed. Hide. His traitorous body refused to move. On the grapevine he heard she escaped. The how varied, from seducing guards to picking locks. The how not his concern. The last direct contact he had with her, she called from prison and he pretended to be a friend answering his phone. “Sorry, he’s not here right now. Would you like to leave a message?”

“Oh Nicky the games you play. You owe me and I will be collecting.”

Was it still too late to become an astronaut? Surely she couldn’t follow him to the moon. Don’t count on it. The woman’s powers unmeasurable. At very least she would find a way to haunt him.

The woman waved from across the street and dodged cars as she crossed the road.

“There you are Nick, I knew you would show up.”

Nick dug his hands into his jean pockets. “Hi Mum.”



  • It’s her, he thought, and felt scared
  • She escaped when…
  • “Sorry, he’s not here right now.”
  • A character who is an astronaut

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