Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

A sister story to Shock, the last posted story, the stories can be read in either order


“I want to see him one last time.”

Crystal toyed with her necklace as she spoke.

“But, what have you done to fix your relationship? Nick doesn’t want to speak with you.”

Daggers shot out of Crystal’s china blue eyes and cut through her sister. She shrugged.

“He’s a man, he doesn’t know what he wants,” said Crystal swaying her hips.

“Oh come on, he’s your son, not some John you can seduce.”


They entered an empty room and shut the blinds. The last thing they needed, cops on their arse.

“His brother is on my side,” said Crystal picking at her fingernails.

“Nathan always was Mumma’s boy. Shame his doing time.”

Yawning Crystal lowered herself to the floor of the abandoned hotel. Her eyes closed. An earthquake rattled her body.

“Wake up, Crystal.”

Startled she sat up and bitch slapped her sister.


Dazed Crystal climbed off her sister. “Old habits.”

In jail, such an action lead to unfortunate consequences. Crystal’s hands flew to her neck.

“My necklace, you broke it.”

It was the last gift her Nicky gave her for mother’s day. It contained sentiment. A promise he would be back. An oath to love her forever.

“This better not be an omen dear sister. Nasty things happen when you mess with top dog.”



  • “I want to see him one last time.”
  • “But, what have you done?”
  • The entered the empty room and…
  • “Wake up.”
  • “You broke it!”

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