The old man was sitting on the beach, reflecting on his life. The sands in his hourglass sifting to the bottom, only a fraction of sand grains remained, clinging for life. Won’t be long before they sink. Then what? What happens to his hourglass? Worm meat? Ash? Could it be turned over allowing the sand to flow freely again? The thoughts spiralled into insanity. His desire for a do-over became consuming. Why wasn’t he a better father? He should have done more with the kids? Dying, work and status held no value. Death remained cloaked from him but his presence dominated around the corners of the aged man’s mind. Why couldn’t he be as timeless as the waves crashing the shores?

A bony hand grabbed his shoulder.

“It’s time.”

Death pulled his soul out of his heavy body. He felt young again. The wrinkled shell slumped on the bench. The hourglass flipped and sand cascaded once more. A new journey began.


  • Prompts
  • The old man was sitting on the beach
  • Sink
  • Add a character who suddenly goes crazy
  • Add a character who is in hiding

2 thoughts on “Hourglass

  1. Margaret Mander says:

    I really like the layers in Hourglass Tannille. E.g.The light/optimism as the sand in the hourglass cascades anew : and the chance for him/for us to do things better next time.
    I found myself playing around with alternative word choices in the first paragraph of the story – couldn’t help it. In the second half I wouldn’t change a thing.

    1. Tannille says:

      Thanks Margaret,
      Sometimes I feel the prompts restrict me with the words. Often debating on if it’s cheating to change; some of the prompts tend to be passive language.

      Sorry for the delayed reply. I hit a funk this week!

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