The castle floors cut through bare feet.

“Jesus, it’s cold.”

Her teeth chattered while her nipples risked snapping off. From the bed he spied on her. Why did she ever think finding a prince and living in a Scottish castle equated to perfect domestic bliss? She missed the sun of her homeland. At this stage, she would prefer living in a cave if it were warm.

She sprinted to the indoor bathroom. How badly did she need to go? Would her pee freeze as it exited her body? Be quick. She pulled her pants down and squatted refusing to touch the seat with her butt. With undies around her ankles, she lost her balance. The icy toilet seat stole her breath as she warmed the plastic with her skin. Well, she might as well do number twos while she’s at it.

Finishing her business, the toilet refused to flush. Frozen plumbing again, really?

“See you next Tuesday,” she said looking at her turd.

She hated this castle.

As she reentered the room, her prince threw back the covers. Without hesitation, she threw herself into bed and snuggled against his warm body. She placed her feed on his warm legs. Hate the castle love the man.



  • In a castle
  • Add a character who spies
  • Add a character who lives in a cave
  • “See you next Tuesday”
  • Use the word “castle”
  • They entered the room and

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