The Friend

The Friend

No one believed Tiffany. They humoured her and her imaginary friend. Psychologist after psychologist said she would grow out of it. They sent her to a camp for fucked up teens. Bob, her friend, loved it. Watching the girls change. Deviate. Another sensitive girl saw him and in a craze rolled thrusting in her tent. The material wrapped around her body like a cocoon. Tiffany glared at Bob. Prick. Bob shrugged, amused by the situation. At least he didn’t laugh in hysterics this time.

Therapy sessions contained many options, one of them taking out blow up boats. One of the boys grew attached to his and spent the week sleeping in it. Well, until Bob decided to have fun. Roger took the boat out on the water. A giant shadow swam under him. Bang. The boat blew up. Bob appeared by Tiffany’s side drenched and rolling in stitches.

“Look at his face.”

The campers went on an excursion and caught a steam train showcasing the park. The campers dared each other to lean out of the fast train’s open windows.

Bob eyed one of the teens.

“Don’t you dare.”

Seeing it as a challenge he dared. Tiffany dived and saved the girl by the ankle. She got reprimanded for pushing, not bothering to stand up for herself. Same old story.

“I need a drink.”



  • A character who believes in ghosts
  • In a campsite
  • A character who goes crazy
  • A character who lives in a boat
  • The train was moving fast
  • Drink
  • The scream could be heard from the kitchen

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