The Model

The Model

Her agent told her that she needed a string bikini portrait to sell herself but being a coward she refused. Instead, she wore something respectable, pyjamas. Not the cheap kind either, a pair of Peter Alexanders with a 1980s style leg warmers.

“Next year… maybe,” she promised herself as she prepared herself to be photographed.

Somehow she would work her way up to wearing a two-piece swimsuit. The photographer took her to a train station for the photo shoot. Why they pressured her to be near naked on the platform anyone’s guess. Comfortable she posed in her sleep wear, swinging around poles and standing on her hands. The images came out fun and light-hearted.

Her modelling dream bombed, her agent dropped her, but she uploaded her images to Instagram and became a hit.



  • Bikini, portrait, coward
  • Pyjamas
  • “Next year, Maybe.”
  • Train station

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