It’s her.

His body prickled. Heat froze in his veins. Aw Fuck.

The church of demonology hadn’t kicked the darling angel out. Arsehats. Why was she here? To convert them to her heavenly desires or die. Yeah real kind. He preferred to dance with the devil. More fun than having supper with the self-righteous pricks. He could give her a hug and burn off her clothes. Their naked bodies making her squeamish. The act granting him the upper hand, tainting her in the process. Yes, a good plan. Crush her virginal ways. He smiled to himself. Even the lingering stench she’d leave on his skin was worth. He prepared himself to make a run for it.

The sweet cakes walked towards him with her butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth lips.

“Lost are we?”

Do it now, forever be a legend. He hesitated.

“No, just thinking.”

“I know, you want to see me naked.”

What? SHIT, she can read thoughts? He stepped back as she stepped forward.

“I want to see you naked,” she said, her eyes round and innocent.

With a blink, she set him on fire. His clothes turned to ash, exposing his flesh. Laughter bounced off the walls. Bitch!

“I always get what I want.”

Anyone can play to part of an angel.



  • It’s her, he thought, and he felt scared
  • In a church
  • He gave her a hug
  • Crush
  • “We are lost”

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