The coward wouldn’t even turn the lamp on. So what if electricity sparked from the wall? Instead, they sat, the room lit by a lighting gadget. At least it vibrated but what a waste of her battery. She inhaled and took the pipe out of her mouth. Thank god for weed. To be fair, she won’t be needing her toy tonight.

Her husband nuzzled on her neck. Bored with the dim light and loaded with Viagra.

“Not tonight. Feeling under the weather.”

“You’re bullshitting? We’ll play the detective game.”

Lost in her thoughts she said nothing as he explored her body. Yeah play dead. Perhaps she’ll fall asleep, wouldn’t be the first time.

“Come on, wake up.”

“It’s electrician night, turn the lamp on.”

“But it’s dodgy.”

“Then we can play doctor.”


She gave him a smile. Nothing stopped her playing these games with him. A Friday night ritual.



  • Gadget, lamp & coward
  • She took the pipe out of her mouth
  • Fair
  • Weather
  • Add a character who wants to be a detective
  • She wouldn’t stop

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