Dirt on Me

About Me


I hate writing about me pages. Much prefer to play with my imaginary friends and write about their fantastical journeys.

In the real world, I have two cats and a Galah I saved from death as a child – but writing gurus advise I don’t include such details on this page. Rather, I am supposed to build up my ego and claim to be fantastic. So here goes; I facilitate a local writing group and sacrifice myself for my community (haha, laying it on too thick?). Education wise, I have several degrees; BA (Writing), BA (Psychology) and MA (Communications, specialising in Scriptwriting). Oh yeah readers are impressed now – aren’t you?

As for creative writing, I fartarse around too much… A problem I am trying to rectify and swore 2018 would be the year I treated writing in a more professional manner rather than when I only feel like it (I now work on my project during the evenings). To make matters worse, I tend to suffer from too many projects on the go. Currently, my muse has been whipped to focus on one book. In true Tannille style it’s morphed into a trilogy, or one really f-ing long book, with more to follow. What can I say? I’ve always preferred TV shows over feature films. Something about continuing drama and becoming comfortable visiting the same characters over and over. For more info see Projects

For fun, usually with my writers’ group, I dabble writing flash fiction. Many of my quirky tales I post on this website weekly… well, every week is the goal, sometimes life happens and I’m a bad bad bad content creator. Strangely I seem to write smartarse flash when I have an audience and more serious material on my own.


Writing Motto:

Expect to fall off the wagon, what matters is how fast one gets back on!