Angel It’s her. His body prickled. Heat froze in his veins. Aw Fuck. The church of demonology hadn’t kicked the darling angel out. Arsehats. Why was she here? To convert them to her heavenly desires or die. Yeah real kind. He preferred to dance with the devil. More fun than… Read more“Angel”

The Model

The Model Her agent told her that she needed a string bikini portrait to sell herself but being a coward she refused. Instead, she wore something respectable, pyjamas. Not the cheap kind either, a pair of Peter Alexanders with a 1980s style leg warmers. “Next year… maybe,” she promised herself… Read more“The Model”


Cold   The castle floors cut through bare feet. “Jesus, it’s cold.” Her teeth chattered while her nipples risked snapping off. From the bed he spied on her. Why did she ever think finding a prince and living in a Scottish castle equated to perfect domestic bliss? She missed the… Read more“Cold”


Shock It’s her! Shivers ran down Nick’s spine. His muscles paralysed. Hide. His traitorous body refused to move. On the grapevine he heard she escaped. The how varied, from seducing guards to picking locks. The how not his concern. The last direct contact he had with her, she called from… Read more“Shock”


Blind “I couldn’t help it, what did they expect me to do?” People were arseholes, no doubt about that. Billy shifted weight between her feet and clenched her mobile phone. “I’m not afraid. Let them arrest me or send a hit man. They have to catch me first.” The poor… Read more“Blind”


3030 The shadows of the cathedral set off a creepy atmosphere. The hymns of monks didn’t help, their voices droning like stepping on a cat’s tail. Flames from candles danced on the altar, but didn’t compare to the table top dances from the night before. Randy pushed the naked women… Read more“3030”