In truth, I have a number of babies projects on the go. My focus for 2018 has been on;


The tales are set in a world like ours if it were filled with immortal creatures carrying eons of hate and resentment. Waring factions shape the world. Instead of rehashing the same old mythos about vampires and werewolves the tales revolve around lesser explored mythological creatures, such as phoenix, draugar and lightning birds. Other well-known creatures (gods, shapeshifters, spirits) are added with a twist.

The book started as a standalone trilogy (or a really long mother of a book) but in true Tannille style, it’s morphed into a series as more and more characters jump up and down wanting their stories to be told. Hence the name of the series ImmorTales, the Latin spelling a perfect fit. Not to mention I scored the .com – but I digress.


First tale (or current work in progress): Phoenix

Nix is a shapeshifting phoenix in hiding from execution. The Guardians forbid the existence of his kind considering their energy dangerous and The Malefica want to capture him and harvest his feathers, driven by the desire of becoming gods. A matter of survival, Nix heads a rebellion and is thrown into the deep end when he uncovers the truth about the one who means most to him. The past and present collide, another Magnus War is inevitable. The first sunk Atlantis, the second will destroy the earth.