Flash Fiction: Box Office

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PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.


The box office, the perfect place. The innocent coming and going of humans. Well, mostly innocent; The Rocky Horror Picture Show brought some ‘questionables’. Even a man in heels and fishnets a tasty treat. The best part, who could believe anyone wearing a feather boa? Not to mention the free-flowing alcoholic beverages on offer. Toucha-toucha-touch me  – an invite if I ever heard one.

“My neck, my neck was bitten.”

Yeah sure. It happens in the dark. They always come back. Drawn to the after parties.

Now, what’s tonight’s show again? The Vagina Monologues. Great, guess we’ll be feasting on the feminists again. Fangs ache in anticipation.


      1. Could be, that would explain a lot. Oh my goodness, it was so freaky warped. But, so fun to attend with friends back in the day!! I just listened to “The Time Warp” on Youtube. Made me smile. =)

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  1. Theatre has come a long way but I have to wonder, did it get lost along the way? Black and white with a man at the front, playing a piano. Then they added sound and eventually colour. Now, realism is sometimes hard to take, so does it really sit well in a world of popcorn and ice cream? If I want horror, I just look at my power bill.

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