Flash Fiction: Spitting the Dummy

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PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

A dummy is also called a pacifier in some parts of the world. Spitting the dummy is Australian for when a person acts like a baby with an outburst of over the top anger.

MUSE: I keep seeing politicians. Babies that sit in high chairs.

TANNILLE: On their golden thrones. Throwing tantrums. Spitting the dummy.

MUSE: Surrounded by the shi- crap they create.

TANNILLE: It does get up my nose, like a bad smell that lingers.

MUSE: No, that would be us the peasants darling. The byproduct of their greed. The scum. 

TANNILLE: Ok, but could they at least be more discreet?

MUSE: It’s too late, they’ve started soiling themselves. 

TANNILLE: Time for a nappy change.

MUSE: I hate to imagine the rash. I doubt they can be silenced.

TANNILLE: Bring out the dummy…


  1. We use that expression in Scotland too, and there’s a lot of it going on in political circles worldwide right now.
    You tagged them exactly.

    PS Did you mean ‘discreet’?


  2. What a high opinion you have of politicians! Thank you for sharing it to amuse us all.
    True story follows. There is a tanker operating local to where I live which goes and empties septic tanks and disposes of the contents for treatment. On the back of the vehicle it says, “This tanker is full of politicians’ promises”

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  3. Enjoyed picking up some Australian lingo! If history has taught us anything, it’s taught us that mean and women with wealth and power are the biggest dummies there are, and ready to do us all in if it will make them any richer.

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  4. Crikey! I have a friend who’s teaching me to speak Australian. I haven’t heard that one yet though. Politicians are the same worldwide.

    Happy belated Blog Day, B!

    Hi, Tannille’s Mum! Tannille said I’m supposed to take pictures for you. I’m not sure what she’s talking about. There might be a typo involved.

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  5. There’s probably a special course you have to go on to become a politician, where you’re forced to unlearn “proper behaviour” 🙂
    In my neck of the woods we usually say “throwing your toys out of the pram”. Also baby-based 🙂

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  6. Let’s not insult babies by comparing them with politicians. At least, babies are innocent and lovable. I am amused when I think back to the old days when we were little and my parents used to rant about the politicians then. They didn’t know what was coming, did they?

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