The ImmorTales

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Below is a brief synopsis of the book series that I am currently working on. Many tales are brewing, the challenge is finding the right introduction story. I have written a prequel novel (draft) but shelved it for now. Not where the reader needs to start. The original book 1 (draft) is cut from the series because it no longer fits (the characters and some story elements are saved). Such is a writer’s life. Close very close.


In a world that mirrors ours, immortal races carry eons of hate and resentment. Waring factions with their own agenda, shape the globe, unbeknown to humans. 

Each tale follows the love, life and trials of a featured immortal as they navigate the ravenous sphere. Only the fittest survive. There are worse things in life than death. Fate hinges on a gamble. The past and present collide with a bang.

Self contained flash fiction stories set in The ImmorTales world can be found under #novel or #The ImmorTales on this site