Flash Fiction: Motive

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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here


The public swimming pool lacked its usual morning crowd. A pin could plummet to the cement floor and create sound ripples. The early staff locked the doors. None could wander out and none could waltz in. Half a dozen early birds remained trapped. Footage showed a body floating on the surface. First arrivals dove in and hauled the lifeless sack of bones to the edge. CPR performed with no avail. The victim suffered a hole to the head. Dark mass polluted the water.

“Does anyone know the identity?”

“He looks like that politician.”

“But who would want to kill that wanker?”

That was multi-billion tax dollar question.


Side note: The Australian federal elections are this Saturday. The propaganda is annoying my muse…


  1. I am thankful to live in a country that has the freedom to have elections.

    I hate the campaigning, which is endless, ugly, shrill, and dishonest.

    So whoever shut this guy up has my sympathy.

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      1. A tranquil scene gets worse the further we read. A political murder shakes the underpinnings of society, even if, as in your story, none seem to mourn the individual. I prefer institutional to vigilante justice.

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      2. Right or wrong everyone has a breaking point. Break the wrong person and they are going to react with violence. I would much rather see freedom of speech employed over murder.

        Thanks A!

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  2. Tough or what? Sorry, I’m up to here with politicians of all shapes, sizes and convictions. And I mean the belief type of convictions not the other, though heaven knows we have enough of those too.

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  3. An intriguing ‘who-dunnit’ story! As a swimmer myself, I resonated with Rochelle’s comment. Why waste a perfectly clean pool (haha). I’m sorry for the angst you are feeling at the upcoming elections. The worldwide political scene seems pretty atrocious.

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    1. All I can say is keep your mouth closed 😀.
      It’ll be all over in a couple of days. Hoping to plug out of the victory rah rah. Australia is probably one of the better Western countries politically speaking at the moment but we’re not immune from ego driven politicians. Who knows maybe the muse will blow up the pool next week lol.

      Thanks B!

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    1. Nope we keep them on the voting paper. We had a whole heap of politicians booted last week from the election for stuff posted on social media years ago but the papers were already printed so their names stay. Not sure what happens if they receive votes. Insane, complex system…

      Thanks D!

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  4. They say with Bob Hawke’s passing away, labour might get sympathy votes. A meme going around says the solution for the liberals would be to knock off Howard. The end of democracy is here anyway, shown by missing sausage sizzles at the booths this morning.

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    1. Haha didn’t hear about the Howard meme. They’ll bump him next time.

      A surprise outcome my butt. Miss Mauds / Muffin Break had those coffee bean tallies and Libs ranked the highest. Me thinks the media polls just pulled a Trump because he was never going to get in. Sorry Bob your labour passed with you.

      WTF no sausage sizzle, decaying culture. So glad I did a postal, I might have been disappointed. 😀


  5. An interesting mystery, Tannille. The crime would have had to have been committed before the first people arrived. It must have been planned. The body should have been left until the police arrived. Now CSI will have to get to work. With politicians anything is possible. 🙂 — Suzanne

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