Flash Fiction: Life Line

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PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Rain, it always has to bloody rain when the line is as far as the eye can see. As if waiting wasn’t suffering enough. The lengths folks will go through for a glimpse of their hero. We don’t have enough supermen and wonderwomen on the planet. Larger than life the hero, larger the line – a universal law.

Inspiring and offering hope in the dark never an easy feat. To change lives via action and word. To pull the blade away from suicidal wrists and show the path of light.

Yeah waiting in the rain, worth it, who knows when the author will be back in town.


  1. I must say I have a very short list of folks I would stand in line to see, authors or any other pursuit. But I understand it is a thing and some are very willing to sacrifice to do so. We have a NASCAR race about 40 mins from my hone twice each years and for a particular sub set of drivers people will devote hours.

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      1. Well Tennille it seems like we’re on the same page! There are several historical figures I would love to sit down with. For example George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and so on.

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  2. I’ll stand in line as long as there’s a bar and people to talk to. I was thinking this the other day when I hesitated to wait in line at a fish and chip shop as the queue was snaking out of the shop down the pavement. We looked at each other and said “curry?” at the same time! I’d queue to see Paul Auster mind.

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    1. Too many of them do, the image is a glam. It’s like the great debate, if a creative falls from grace does on boycott their work. Think Bill Cosby and the Cosby show. There are many other other examples – author Marion Zimmer Bradley comes to mind. Loved her stuff as a teen but don’t love the sexual abuse allegations…

      Thanks D!

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  3. To wait to see a hero is much better than many other forms of waiting. Great take on the prompt. And yes, we do need a SuperHero/Heroine these days more than ever!

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