Flash Fiction: Return to Owner

PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.


Note: For this flash fiction my current main character stepped forward to share his opinion. Nix is a shape-shifting phoenix and immortal.


Plastic. A disgusting invention to come out of the 20th Century and explode in popularity. Sure, it provided convenience – quick storage, cheap, kept food from bugs. Fresh? Debatable. All plastics leaked an odour beyond human senses. Left subtle traces on everything it touched. Revolting as tap water.

Glass, a much better material. Melted, moulded sand. Smoother on the lips. Food tasted better. They called him paranoid. “Get with the times.” No escaping the human-made pollution.

Nix pushed the plastic aside, bundled, ready to be returned to its owner. On the other side of the bench, his comrade’s briefcase. Leather, the ancient fabric of foulness.


53 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Return to Owner

    • Tannille says:

      I’m not against plastic, but rather the amount of it we use. Some, like plastic bottles can be recycled and turned in fabric but shrink wrap / packaging is ridiculous (to my knowledge it’s not repurposed).

      Thanks J!


    • Tannille says:

      It’s catch 22. For example some companies make plastic alternatives planners, shoes, bags etc for those who don’t believe in leather, yet some leather supporters hate plastic for various reasons.

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      • bearmkwa says:

        I’m okay with someone wearing leather in some instances… if you’ve hunted the animal (deer, usually), and you’ve had the skin tanned, and you’ve actually eaten the meat… then it’s a case of respecting the life you’ve taken to use all that you can of it. But, raising chinillas, etc, just to slaughter them for their skin… that rankles me to no end. The leather things I own have all been taken from animals whose meat was used for sustenance.

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    • Tannille says:

      I think it starts small, for example so many items are double wrapped. Learn how to up cycle plastic. I saw a YouTube video the other day on how to make things out of rubbish, hooks out of tooth bushes stood out 😀. Plastic is here to stay.

      Thanks GIN!

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