Flash Fiction: Granny Season

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PHOTO PROMPT © C.E. Ayr for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.


Granny season. Blasting caravans everywhere. The white-haired invaders. Take over the shops, slow the roads with Sunday driving… not every road is a scenic tour. Oh and the lines at the petrol station.

“Do you want the mushroom pie or the steak and kidney love?”

Not a hard question… apparently, it is… waiting…

“Hmm not sure.”

Just pick a bloody pie… waiting… my boss is going to crack it. Deep breath. Season will die down soon and greys will be back on the Nullarbor heading home.

The radio hums.

“Breaking news; bush fires have taken out the major highways leaving commuters stranded. Damage is extensive -“

No!!! BANG!!!

“What’s his problem?”

“Snowflake generation. I’ll have the mushroom.”


I have family stranded in Perth due to the raging bush fires on the Nullarbor. It’s the main road in and out of the state. The roads heading north are flooded due to a cyclone. Welcome to Australia!

So grateful to be on the west coast, cooler tempretures and clean air. My thoughts are with east – people and animals alike.



    1. People are in such a hurry now days, often forgetting what’s important.

      The irony is after a bush fire the land thrives, it’s a cycle, amazing to watch. The devastation isn’t less heart breaking. This time it’s Mother Nature in full fury.

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    1. The protagonist is stuck in his small world.

      Must admit when I heard about the floods I burst out laughing, it seemed like a joke; 2 roads out of the state, one on fire and the other flooded… Weird. The roads usually don’t flood for long.

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  1. I’m waiting for that moment when I become one of the ‘old folk’ who suddenly seem to live at a slower pace. Part of me is quite looking forward to it! Hope everyone stays safe, sending good thoughts.

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  2. Dear Tanille,

    We’re watching the news here and grieving the animals. Such a travesty. I’m glad you’re safe and hope the same for the rest of your family. We have good friends in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Love that you could find humor in it. The story put me in mind of when I worked in a supermarket and my boss referred to senior discount days as “Blue Hair Days.” Good one.



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    1. At the moment my stranded relatives are getting antsy, they just want to drive home with their caravans in toe. It’s become a bit of a joke.

      So lucky in Perth, weather is great and air clean best of all no major fires – but summer isn’t over yet… All I can do is watch the horror unfold. The land will recover in full swing eventually.

      Thanks R!


    1. There is a knock on effect from the fires. The news is saying we (Perth) is facing a food shortage because trucks can’t reach the city. Supplies are being flown in.

      Still I count my blessings. The inconvenience is mild compared to facing the fires.

      Thanks N!


  3. Oy! Not all of us oldies are slow and doddery!
    It’s an amusing story, but a dreadful reality for so many. I’m glad you’re safe on the west coast. My bro is in Melbourne – okay so far, thank goodness.

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    1. That is true, many older folk are sharp as. Some younger people have patience.

      The cities “should” be ok, but the smoke blanketing cities horrifies me (not to mention the obvious beating the country side is suffering from). Glad your brother is safe!

      Thanks P!

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  4. Some are in no rush. My son can’t wait to be an old grumpy man – which he says he will be.
    As for the situation in Australia it is heart breaking. Glad to hear you and yours are safe.

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    1. Haha now there is something to aspire to be – grumpy and old. Is he grumpy yet? No age requirement for grumpy.

      On the positive side; it’s been heart warming to see communities pull together. Normally the media drives a wedge (still is a bit) but there are beautiful stories coming out showing the best of humanity. Nothing like tragic events to bring people together.

      Thanks D!

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  5. When we’re young, we get stuck on high gear and don’t realize until we’re in “granny season” ourselves that what we thought was so important really wasn’t. Feel sad for those who have been affected in Australia. Hope you and yours are well!

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    1. Unfortunately society also demands high gear. There are consequences for running late and many are time poor. It’s horrible, life is best enjoyed relaxed.

      Thanks B! We’re doing pretty alright in the west. A fire started up a couple of days ago but is under control.


    1. The land will recover rapidly, it seems to like being burnt out. Shame about the poor animals.

      Birds can leave behind such a mess, but so pretty most of them.

      Thanks E!


  6. A serious topic, but can I say I LOVE the Granny parade, almost like a gang causing trouble where ever they go. Glad to hear you are all safe. The bushfires are awful and the smoke haze and dirty rain terrible.

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      1. Yeah, drought dried land, dust gets picked up in the wind, swirls and ends up in clouds, comes down with the rain, or is in the air when it rains, something like that. Was totally gross. Got into pools and tank water. Yuck.

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