Flash Fiction: Wings

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PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.


Would you look at the line up to get into heaven? White?

“Why do they always wear the white sack?”

“It’s an anti-rape kit sir. Encourages them to keep their parts to themselves.”

“Seriously, on the way to receive wings?”

The angel shrugged, “Earth grew bad. Standards drop.”

“Why not send them to Hell and be done with it?”

“What makes you think this isn’t Hell for them? No pleasures of the flesh, just an eternal itch. A fly on the wall if you will, watching.”


“Wait – where are you going?”

“Down, to see what else is on offer.”


  1. This was delightful! Especially: “Earth grew bad. Standards drop.”
    We should all know about the lowering of standards that is rampantly accepted, even celebrate, by some today. Oy vey!
    As for making a U-turn on the Heaven’s path … I remember as a child thinking to myself, at some difficult junctures, that if going to heaven meant having to spend eternity with some people who put on the airs of ‘certain heaven material’, I might well consider hell just to not be in the same space with them for eternity …

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    1. Interesting I had similar thoughts as a child. Also perfection in heaven seemed boring to me, I want colour not white. As I got older I realised pretty much everyone I know will be going to hell according to the rules lol. Heaven will have to lower their standards for new admission 😈.

      Thanks N!

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      1. LOL. I don’t think I believe these are separate places to begin with … I think you hang out with souls the way you hang out with people here on this earthly plane: the nice people probably hang out with the souls of other nice people, and the not-so-nice people hang out with the souls of the other not-so-nice-people. Sort of ‘like attracts like’ … 😉 I know who I’d rather hang out with! 🙂
        I have a group there already, to show me the ropes when I arrive (hopefully not till a good long time. No rush …).
        Yay to nice people!

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  2. This was great, T! Especially as I just saw a play called “Paradise Lose” on Satan and her fall to hell… The ‘freewill’ that was given out applies everywhere it seems.

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  3. Nice one! Reminds me of the Blackadder episode where he persuades people to give their wealth to the state rather than the church, so they’ll end up in Hell where they’ll have more fun 🙂

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