Flash Fiction: Ceramic House

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PHOTO PROMPT © Dawn Miller for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.


Tunnel Vision… tick-tock. Creativity hits the wall. What is it about this house?

TANNILLE: Muse? Hello?

Words echo like the wind in the image. Mind’s eye, a 360 degree painting. Still nothing… Wonder where Muse is? Slaying dragons?

MUSE: Just add a dragon.

TANNILLE: About bloody time you showed up!

MUSE: Dragon now!

TANNILLE: Why? To burn down the house with people inside?

MUSE: Not the first time. Remember that ceramic house you had as a teen?

TANNILLE: The one with the chimney and windows that smoked with burning incense?

MUSE: Help me, help me! Fire! Fire!

TANNILLE: You’re warped you know that… Yeah, I miss that thing too`


  1. Yours and mine have gone astray
    I noticed it the other day.
    It’s not the house that is to blame
    that creative fire has lost its flame
    or is it just the will I lack?
    In time, I know, they will come back.

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  2. The muse, you can always rely on it but not necessarily at the right time. It’s great when you’re sleepy in bed but put it in front of a blank screen or page and it fails to make an appearance. I always think my muse must be Bacchus, drunk in an alley somewhere.

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