Flash Fiction: Tap, Tap

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PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Tap, tap.

Let me in. I know you’re watching. Your mother has sent me a message to give to you. You’re still a slob, pigs live better than you. For God’s sake bathe, scrub your hands and stop rubbing your chin, there is a virus. First thing first, unplug that cord and tidy the desk. It’s going to smoke up tonight.

Tap, tap.

Fine keep recording. Call me adorable. I’ll take matters into my own beak.

Tap, tap – smash.

“What the hell. Get out of here.”

Yuck, the taste of plastic. A little harder. Wire. Crunch. Fried. Shit. Belly up. As dead as the laptop. Mission accomplished.


Note: The story is up for interpretation. For those interested, I saw the bird as a message from the human’s dead mother. Some people believe animals and insects are the messengers between the living and the dead. 


    1. When I wrote it, the bird was on a mission. The bird was sent by the human’s dead mother to save the human from a fire that would spark from the mess. Thinking I failed in the execution. That’s ok live and learn!

      Thanks C


    1. I went with the cosmic idea that the dead can communicate with the living by sending animals. In hindsight, the scope was too big for 100 words. It made sense in my head lol. On the bright side, my take away from this story is not to assume readers know what I do. Good lesson. 😀

      Thanks R

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  1. The cookie banner hid the last line from me, so I finished at the “What the Hell,” thinking it was a good story.

    Then the last line, is so fabulously written, but also a bit a confusing at the same time.

    Also, I wish a bird would destroy my laptop, because it is rubbish and I need an excuse to buy a new one.

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    1. I would have liked to have pulled this story and reworked it a bit to make it easier to comprehend. It needs a bit of tweaking. That’s why feedback is great.

      Thanks P!


    1. Reminds of that letter Mrs Weasly sent Ron in the 2nd Harry Potter instalment, it started lecturing and yelling at him in the dining hall.

      Nagged from beyond the grave lol.

      Thanks D!

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  2. Heavens! I had a hard time figuring out where you were headed until the very end, and the explanatory note. Still, written in such a way that it is, indeed, up for interpretation. Well done!

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