Flash Fiction: Doom and Gloom

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PHOTO PROMPT @ A. Noni Mouse for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Groundhog Day. The days blended into one. No distinct feature to separate. The dishes akin to a broken record. The TV playing in the lounge room ceased offering comfort. The news promoted a daily dose of dread. Reruns of old sitcoms lost their charm. Even a bottle of wine no longer appealing and the thought of sharing misery with others cringe-worthy. Even the most robust of personalities took a mental beating in lockdown.

Sighing, she placed her hands in the sink and washed the dishes on autopilot as she stared out of the window. Images of a fantastical land formulated. Harry Potter eat your heart out. Opening her laptop, words raced onto the page. The muse came home.

Note: I told myself I wasn’t going to go there… Some weeks are harder than others, I’ve hit a snag. Being creative is my solace and I feel better for writing this. A new novel idea was thrown at me this week. Time is an opportunity 😀.


    1. The media keeps adding fuel to the ball of negativity. There seems to be no end in sight. Even in Australia, I’m been self isolating for months and was starting to come out feeling “safe” and now a part of the country is riddled with the virus. Although my state is fine for now, there is the threat. At least as writers we can escape for a little while in our minds. 😀

      Thanks S!

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    1. I’m sitting it. The historical event that triggered the spark is dark. We’ll see. Great thing about series writing, you can keep collecting mini stories. 😀

      Thanks I

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  1. “Even the most robust of personalities took a mental beating in lockdown.” I think you have echoed the thoughts of many. I, too, welcomed the positive ending.


    1. For many of us, it’s a mental game. I can quite easily go months doing my thing at home, but after 4 months I’m getting antsy. On the bright side, creativity gives me a pick me up and the feelings of negativity pass.

      Thanks G!


  2. I’m very happy your muse has returned and you have a new idea for a novel. That’s exciting and will occupy your mind with happy moments of writing. This is a challenging time for all of us in different ways. Take care, T!

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    1. It could be worse. I’ve just been pouty the past week, but I much to be thankful for. I’m hoping this story might be book one in the series. I have a number of story ideas set in the world but they don’t feel like intro stories. We’ll see.

      Thanks B!

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  3. No more fighting with her? Say it ain’t so! Actually, I think it’s time you and she were in cahoots. Glad things are looking up. This weird time is rather heavy, isn’t it?

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    1. You know, we only fight or talk for ff stories. I’m sure we will again. This time images flowed in my head and details formed. I guess that’s a gentle muse nudge?

      These times are insane, a head twist. Best we can do is try be positive… Plugging out for a while help.

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      1. I so understand. And I do enjoy when you do. I thinks that’s a wonderful gentle nudge.

        These times are completely insane. I always shoot for he positive. Plugging in and out helps!

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