Flash Fiction: School With The Muse

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PHOTO PROMPT ©JHardy Carroll for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

MUSE: Look at what we have this week – a school snap.

TANNILLE: Ugh, flash back. School was crap enough the first time round. All those ridiculous rules. 

MUSE: As I recall, rules were made for breaking. 

TANNILLE: Had to pass the time somehow. You were climbing the walls, trying to break free.

MUSE: Never been so bored in all our life. The repetition…

TANNILLE: Passing notes was kind of fun. Kept you amused. 

MUSE: Until you got caught.

TANNILLE: I didn’t get caught…

MUSE: Your note.

TANNILLE: Yeah, made the science teacher go red. Thanks for that. 

MUSE: Ah, good times.


    1. Getting away with it was part of the fun. Getting caught not so much. Although, some teachers would read them out to the class. Often that would be amusing.

      Thanks R!


  1. Huh. For the most part, I enjoyed school. Exceptions: Physics, Chemistry, and gym class!

    I know my husband would agree with you, though. School was torture for a child with ADD 70+ years ago, when it wasn’t even named yet and got no sympathy at all.

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    1. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Amateurs…

      I had an English teacher that disliked me and never changed her class from year to year. My bbf did her class the year before and gave me her essays. One time I tested the teacher and copied the BBF’s essay and handed it in as my own. BBF got and A+, I got a Ç. Bias confirmed lol.

      Thanks N

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