Flash Fiction: Scooby Van

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PHOTO PROMPT © Russell Gayer for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

More pranking fairies from The Fairy Express. Other Fairy misdeeds can be read here.


The Green Fairy laid a claim to pranking the Scooby Van. 

“This is going to be like watching grass grow.”

“Leaves actually.”

“Be pedantic, I’m out of here.”

Brown backed away, leaving Green to scratch their butt. Green suffered from worms.  

Clouds passed. Vines grew around the van. Success. 

Two men staggered from the house and jumped into the vehicle, smoke trailing behind. The driver turned the key. The motor stalled. Hands banged on the steering wheel. The passenger offered a homemade cookie.

Satisfied, Green smiled as Brown returned. 

“Where have you been?”


Brown smirked as the stoners took a bite.

“This tastes like shite man.”


    1. The history of fairies is fascinating. It took me years to understand Celtic mythology because all I knew was the little “Tinkerbell” fairy.

      Thanks N


      1. I don’t know. I have to cats and they rule the roost. My galah is pretty vocal. Nobbinmaug is raising 5 dogs and always picking up doodoo (the inspiration for Brown Fairy) . But we’d be lost without them. 13 years is a well loved dog! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Galah? Is that the parrot that drives Australians nuts and gets used as an insult?

        Love the inspiration for the fairy. Thats hilarious!

        one bird, two cats and five dogs that’ll keep you entertained!

        Lucy Dog has her health issues but we do all we can for her and she seems to respond and be happy.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s the one 😀! I saved him as a kid. He must be pushing 30, now. The boy will out live me at this rate. He’s such a funny bugger though. Laughs at people at the most appropriate/ inappropriate moments.

        The dogs aren’t mine. The barking would drive me nuts and the mountain of doodoo…

        I’m sure Lucy is pampered!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Wow! didn’t know birds could have such large lifespans. He sounds like a proper comedian.

        Luckily Lucy doesn’t bark all the time. Just when someone needs a stiff warning.
        She get’s plent of hugs,

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  1. I did not know fairies could get worms.

    I think your fairies have been around here. Lots of weeds and doodoo.

    The cookie bit reminds me of Cheech and Chong’s “Up In Smoke.” Somebody eats weed, poops it out, and they smoke it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Neither did I. Who knew?

      Doodoo follows you around. Five + dogs. You could put the doodoo to good use.

      Never seen Cheech and Chong, but that sounds about right. (I just saw a clip where they smoke dog doo haha)

      Thanks N


      1. I saw them all as a kid. The wonders of having hippie parents. “Let’s watch movies about smoking weed.” It may have been the dog doo I was thinking of. That sounds right.

        Liked by 1 person

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