Flash Fiction: A Muse Workspace

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PHOTO PROMPT © Alicia Jamtaas for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

“How can anyone be inspired by this mess?” Said one muse to another.

“It’s called organised chaos.”

“But it’s not pretty!”

“You creative snob!” 

“Cupboards are junk’s best friend. Sheets are tacky. Plastic is cheap. Mint green decor is in. Add a splash of gold accessories —”

“Almighty Iris, you’ve been trolling YouTube.”

“So? I’m only hunting for ideas.”

“How many words did you get done today?”

“Umm… I’ve been busy. Don’t look at me like that. I need an immaculate workspace. Tomorrow, I swear.”


“After I find my notebook and pen. Set the mood with crystals. Candles, I need candles.”



  1. Good one. I clean my desk and put everything away into it’s assigned place, then… can’t find the notebook to write in… yep, definitely a slice of real life here. You’re right though, I do need candles… more candles….Oh, and some ink for my quills.

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      1. Inspiration can hit me in the most random of settings, whether it’s a sentence I have just heard or a scene I have seen fleetingly. And sometimes stories on this site can inspire me to take the prompt ff on a different tangent. Or when I am about to find my sleepy zone at night… and boom…an idea pops up out of nowhere and won’t leave me alone. My muse has her own rule book!

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      2. I think all muse’s have their own rule books. I don’t get many fleeting ideas. Lazy muse. FF is like a puzzle change and stretches my mind. Other times the muse is enticed out by books/movies/tv/folk lore. A game of how to improve or change.


  2. I had a friend who cross-stitched a hilarious picture for me of “organized chaos” and it was labeled “creative clutter.” That’s me! Also, the whole I need an “immaculate workspace” sounds like an excuse for not writing and one I’ve used myself (haha). Entertaining tale, T!

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    1. “Creative clutter” — I like that! I think I swing between mess and tidy. I do envy these “influences” with perfect workspace. But, it’s not practical and they don’t say how much time they spend fighting mess.

      Thanks B!


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