Flash Fiction: Barbie’s Dream Washing Machine

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ˆPHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

This Barbie Parody is not intended for children. Slightly deranged adults, like the writer, please continue…


As seen on the back of Barbie’s box…

How could he do this to me?

Barbie returned to her dream house early from her trip to space and found Ken in a compromising position with hooker-me-pink Skipper. Her sister she could forgive. Servicing was her new job. But stay-at-home Ken? The perfect domesticated male? No.

Time for a new occupation; A new altar to emerge. What would Dexter do? She waited for Skipper to leave and covered the dream house in plastic.

Barbie placed Ken’s head in the washing machine and turned the spin cycle on. 

Buy Now: homicide Barbie complete with the carving knife and comb. Washer, drier, and screwed Ken sold separately. 


      1. I can see that. She is a toy of dreamers isn’t she.

        Maybe is Mattel wanted a range to put out with the Chucky dolls for Halloween, they might go for Homicide Barbie – it would certainly raise a chuckle with your brilliant tag line too!

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  1. Infidelity by Ken followed by revenge from Barbie. Clearly, Ken misunderstood the expression, “It’s a Doll’s House”.
    Barbie adds a new dimension to washing your mouth out, she goes the whole way, head and all.

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    1. Yep from my twisted mind! I’m sure at one point there was serial killer Barbie in my play with friends as a kid. I blame “Days of Our Lives” for the outlandish plots.😀

      Thanks, J


  2. I have to feel for Ken on this one. Barbie already took his naughty bits. Now, it’s off with his head. I can’t imagine what Skipper was servicing. The washing machine? Speaking of… I have to recontact Samsung. They haven’t come to fix my dryer. Is Skipper available?

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